Welcome to Lexi

Lexi (a.k.a. lexicon_wn) is a node.js application to serve wordnet semantics and morph-syntatic relationships.

The code forces an 'isa' relationship with the hypernym "hierarchy," with selective inheritance, providing local access to deep semantics without having to recurse.

API calls default (anything not .html or .text) to Content-Type: 'application/json'.
By adding a '.text' suffix, the same JSON is returned with Content-Type: text/plain.
By adding a '.html' suffix, the data is rendered as HTML with clickable hyperlinks.


Returns a list of words that have a particular surface (is spelled like) e.g., 'happiness'


Returns a deep semantic of a particular word as part of a synset.


Provides a deep semantic of a synset, and references to incorporated words.


Princeton University "About WordNet." [WordNet](https://wordnet.princeton.edu). Princeton University. 2010.

See also: [morphosemantic-links.xls](http://wordnetcode.princeton.edu/standoff-files/morphosemantic-links.xls)